Face Lift / Neck Lift


Face lift Surgery (rhytidectomy) remains the ‘gold standard’ in facial rejuvenation. Although non-surgical interventions have come a long way in recent years they are still far from being able to replace the level of rejuvenation that is provided by a face lift.


Facial ageing leads to changes that include sagging skin, wrinkles, deepening folds around the mouth, appearance of jowls, loss of youthful volume and a tired appearance. The aim of the face lift is to not only lift and tighten loose and sagging skin but to restore the natural youthful contours of the face by elevating the underlying supporting structures.


Facial changes go hand in hand with ageing of the neck structures resulting in poorly defined jaw lines, loose skin and bands in the neck. Therefore, face lift and neck lift procedures are usually performed in combination to deliver you the ultimate rejuvenation.


Other procedures may be performed in conjunction with a face lift to restore natural balance and proportion to the face such as eyelid lift, brow lift and chin augmentation. To ensure a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation Dr Watts also employs advanced non-surgical techniques such as wrinkle relaxers, fillers and skin resurfacing to enhance skin texture, tone and restore youthful fullness and glow. These procedures can be performed before, during or after your face lift procedure.


Dr. Watts appreciates and understands the intricate relationship between facial structure, ageing and beauty. Utilising advanced face lift techniques acquired in New York he will customise an approach to give you a fresher, brighter and rejuvenated appearance.


  • Reduce the signs of aging in the face
  • Tighten loose sagging skin
  • Elevate the corners of a drooping mouth
  • Smoothen the deep folds around the mouth
  • Correct jowling and redefine the jaw line
  • Elevate the sagging tissue in the cheeks and restore natural volume
  • Improve facial contours
  • Soften wrinkles, folds and creases
  • Give a more youthful and refreshed look


  • Reduce the signs of aging in the neck
  • Tighten loose sagging skin
  • Remove excess fat in the neck
  • Improve the appearance of neck ‘bands’ or ‘cords’
  • Create a sharper more defined neck line
  • Improve jaw line definition

Dr Watts offers a variety of advanced techniques for his face lift surgery and will discuss with you the best procedure to suit your specific needs. His precisely tailored techniques will ensure incisions are in harmony with your natural contours, hairline and creases. Dr Watts will gladly discuss and disclose all possible risks, benefits and alternatives involved at the time of your consultation.


Dr Watts usually performs his face lift procedure on an inpatient basis but this can depend on the individual and the type of facelift required. Performed under general anaesthetic face lifts can take 2-4 hours to complete depending on the technique and additional procedures planned. If required, drainage devices will be used and post-operative bandages may be applied. You will be monitored overnight to ensure your initial recovery is progressing well and then allowed to return home the following day with a friend or family member.


Written procedure specific information sheets will be given to you in order for you to prepare for your surgery and the recovery period. You may experience mild discomfort after the procedure and so a postoperative analgesia regime will be tailored to meet your specific needs. A certain degree of swelling and bruising to the face and neck are to be expected but our comprehensive post-operative instructions will arm you with techniques to help minimise and speed your recovery. In general, you can expect the majority of swelling and bruising to have subsided within 2 weeks.


Dr Watts and his team are dedicated to providing ongoing care, support and guidance throughout your entire journey. They will be readily available to answer any further questions you may have to ensure a safe and smooth recovery. For more information please call our office to schedule a personalised consultation with Dr Watts and ask him about his ‘Manhattan face lift’ that can achieve dramatic, long lasting and natural looking results.