Nasal Reconstruction


Recreating Nasal Reconstructionthe human nose is possibly one of the most challenging reconstructive procedures facing plastic surgeons. It not only requires skilful assessment of the nasal structure and how it relates to airflow and breathing but a keen aesthetic eye to achieve facial harmony.


Nasal reconstruction aims to reconstruct form and restore function whether it is due to nasal trauma, congenital defect, cancer or respiratory impediment. Correction of these anomalies includes the manipulation of the skin, bone and cartilage of the nose.


Dr Watts’ extensive training and experience in craniofacial, cosmetic and plastic and reconstructive surgery allows him to provide comprehensive treatment options for patients requiring nasal reconstruction. As with all procedures good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites.


For more information please call our office and schedule a personalised consultation with Dr Watts to discuss how nasal reconstruction can not only improve your facial profile but give you a better night’s sleep!