Mummy Makeover


TheMummy Makeover process of pregnancy and childbirth can be wonderful for some women but unfortunately has a large impact on their bodies too. Breasts may lose volume and sag and overextended abdominal muscles and skin can result in a lower abdominal bulge. Many women find that even with their best attempts at diet and exercise that these areas may be impossible to improve and feel their figures will never be the same again.


A mummy makeover is designed for women who have finished having children and are ready to take charge and regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. For most women a mummy makeover incorporates both a tummy tuck with associated liposuction, and breast lift for a complete rejuvenation. Tummy tucks are used to remove excess skin and fat and tighten abdominal muscles. Breast lifts to reduce sagging and restore balance and symmetry. Some women may also desire a breast augmentation to restore lost volume. Vaginal rejuvenation or labioplasty is an increasingly popular procedure, which is available for those who desire some more intimate changes.


• Remove excess skin and fat on the abdomen and tighten muscles
• Restore breasts to a more youthful position
• Replace lost volume and enhance breast shape
• Sculpt and shape the body
• Return your body to its pre-pregnancy status


Patient’s health and safety is of foremost importance and therefore depending on the types of procedures desired and degree of correction, required mummy makeovers can often be staged. Dr Watts’ requirements for these procedures include the individual to be a non-smoker and to have maintained a stable weight for at least 3 months prior to surgery. Completion of breast feeding is also advised, ideally for 6 months.


A comprehensive health assessment and physical examination will be completed by Dr Watts to determine an individual’s eligibility to have procedures combined. Dr Watts will develop a customized treatment plan based around your specific needs and unique aesthetic goals. A mummy makeover is a life changing set of procedures that can take you from your post baby body blues to a firmer, sculpted and lifted new you!


Dr Watts performs his mummy makeovers on an inpatient basis to provide closer observation during the recovery period. The length of the surgery will depend on the number of procedures combined but can take between 4-6 hours to complete. An abdominal compression garment and supportive bra will be applied after the procedure to help reduce swelling and assist in shaping and contouring. You will usually remain in hospital for 1-2 days depending on your progress. For more detailed information on individual procedures please refer to abdominoplasty and breast augmentation / breast lift.


Written procedure specific information sheets will be given to you in order for you to prepare for your surgery and the recovery period. You may experience mild to moderate discomfort after the procedure and so a postoperative analgesia regime will be tailored to meet your specific needs. In general, you can expect the possible bruising, swelling and tenderness of the abdomen and breasts to have settled within 1-2 weeks. Patients are advised to organise at least 3 weeks off from work, return to moderate activity after 3 weeks and more vigorous exercise after 6 week. Continued improvements can be seen for up to 6 months following a mummy makeover.


Dr Watts and his team are dedicated to providing ongoing care, support and guidance throughout your entire journey. They will be readily available to answer any further questions you may have to ensure a safe and smooth recovery. For more information please call our office to schedule a personal consultation with Dr Watts to discuss how a mummy makeover can transform your appearance and improve your lifestyle!