Micro needling also known as collagen induction therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment in skin rejuvenation. Unlike other techniques, collagen induction therapy does not actively remove the outer skin layer (epidermis). Through the creation of invisible micro-perforations deep into the skins dermal layer the natural regeneration of new collagen and elastin is stimulated resulting in thicker, plumper more youthful skin!


DermaPen Micro-Needle Skin Needling is a multi-function skin therapy that uses multiple thin needles to gently penetrate the skin to stimulate an autoimmune response to stimulate collagen and elastin. The results are skin that is looking firmer, smoother and younger. This treatment is most commonly used to combat scarring, enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles, and crepey skin.


This procedure has also been found to improve acne scarring and stretch marks by gently breaking up the tight and fibrous scar tissue resulting in smoother and more evenly pigmented skin. The microscopic channels created allows for more effective penetration of skin rejuvenation products that can markedly increase cellular turnover and tissue repair leading to a brighter complexion and more youthful glow.


This treatment is based on the natural rejuvenating power of the skin. Shortly after any injury to the human skin, old and damaged skin tissue dissolves and is replaced by new cells. This method is extremely effective and is hugely popular with clients who prefer a rejuvenation method involving significantly less epidermal damage than alternative treatments like laser.


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